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We perform searches based on industrial property (incl. patents, trademarks, designs, domain names), research & technology and business information for product and technology development, for collecting market and business information and for protecting intellectual property.

Searches based on patent information

• Approximately 80% of the technology-related information lies in patent documents (i.e. published patent applications, issued patents, registered utility models).

• Patent documents must reveal the technical solution in a manner that it could be performed by a specialist skilled in the art.

• Patent information is the fastest published information in the world related to the newest solutions in the field of technology.

• Besides technical information, patent documents include information of legal and commercial nature.

• Patent documents are published when 18 months have passed from filing the patent application.


There are dozens of possibilities for performing a patent search. The purpose, available information on the subject matter and specific field determine the employed criteria, required time and depth of the analysis of results.

Every patent search comes with a report, which includes the following:

- Subject matter, purpose and time of performing the search;

- Summary of the results, future recommendations;

- Used criteria, performed queries;

- Abstracts of the more important discovered solutions with links to full texts; full texts can be attached as PDF-files, if needed.

It is important to bear in mind in planning the patent search as to why the search is needed – for preparing the patent application, gathering general information about the prior solutions in given field, product development, competition analysis, preparing the international research-development or for anything else. Also, which information is required from the results – either the short overview is sufficient or the analysis of patent applications is required; whether the overview of patent families and document status check is needed as well; whether information is needed about companies, incl. who and where has protected what, etc.

Every search is different regarding its nature and volume and time spent on it. Normally, the final cost of the patent search is calculated by the time actually spent on it. In practice, the clients want to know the exact price right away and what one gets for it. We understand You! For performing the patent search we have four different options from which you can choose according to your needs and budget.

If you cannot find a suitable choice from these, we are always ready to prepare a separate, more detailed offer according to the specific development project. We hope that the above options allow You to reach a considered decision. We are willing to explain various packages and expenses, when needed.


Patent search “Preliminary background search” 385 EUR

The shortest time for performing a patent search to get a basic overview of the existing solutions is five hours. This allows making a few queries according to the more essential keywords and check through a few more relevant solutions from the results. This search is appropriate in case of a lack of resources for performing a more thorough search or when results are needed urgently. The latter can occur in the case of preparing patent applications, if the protected solution needs to be compared with the existing analogues.


Patent search „ Preliminary search and analysis“ 925 EUR

The estimated time for given patent search is twelve hours. This can include one meeting (~1h), examining the materials and determining the search criteria (~2h), preparing the report (~3-4h). This leaves 6-7 hours for actual patent search. What can be achieved in this time? The possible options are as follows, depending on the input information and the search goal provided by you:

- searches by keywords; queries by the names of companies or authors;

- queries by subject fields of technology.

Given patent search is relevant in case of smaller research and development projects or in the primary phase of product development for the initial mapping of earlier solutions. The report gives an overview of how many and which solutions can be found in given field and provides recommendations for further, more thorough searches.


Patent search “Detailed search” 2310 EUR

Detailed search is a patent search with a preparation and report, lasting up to 30 hours. The search has been prepared as a combination of thorough prior art/state-of-the art search and right to use/freedom-to-operate search. Given format is suitable, for example for the product development projects in various stages, etc. The following options are possible, depending on the input information and the search goal and requirements provided by you:

- queries by keywords; by names of the companies or authors; companies’ patent portfolio overviews, to be specified by countries (i.e. market regions), when needed; queries by technology subject fields;

- mapping patent family members, inquiry of the validity and status of patent documents;

- search and analysis of citations (incl. references mentioned in the patent application, other documents that refer to an application of interest, documents referred to by an expert).


The patent search provides you with an in-depth overview of the patent applications disclosed in given field and/or of other information (authors, companies, countries, patent families, document validity, citations, expert opinions on patentability, etc.) according to the goals of the search. If possible, solutions discovered in protected patent documents are compared with the developed solution, depending on the stage of the development project. The detailed search is significantly facilitated by the earlier information available on given subject field. It is recommended to combine the detailed search with the technology and market research for exchanging the information.


Patent search “Monitoring” 130 per report

The results of the patent search performed today can be outdated after a year, as thousands of new patent documents are published every day, the status of the existing documents can change every moment. Hence, it is essential to systematically follow the situation to stay in touch with the developments in the field, activities of the competitor, etc. We determine the key monitoring criteria according to one’s needs. Monitoring includes presenting a report over set time periods on the changes in the area of interest.






The experience has proven so far that preparing monitoring reports after every two months by five criteria is most reasonable!

By ordering the patent monitoring for the entire year (i.e. 6 reports by agreed criteria) you can save 130 EUR!


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