Trademark searches

The search is performed in up to three product and service areas. Primary areas include Estonian, European Community, USA and international trademark databases, regarding to if, by whom and how many similar trademarks have been registered earlier in given areas or are being registered.

In case of more detailed trademark searches we carry out searches also in the trademark databases of countries corresponding to the company’s regions of activity and we also perform a business and domain name search.


Using of searched names in social media

From the marketing point of view, attention is increasingly shifting to the e-marketing, incl. introducing the company and products in social networks and other internet environments. Therefore, it is important to make sure in choosing a name for the company or new product whether using the title of interest is available also in other internet environments besides the trademarks, domain names, business names.


Brand search

Brand search comprises the complex search of business names, domain names, product/service name and trademarks. Developing a powerful trademark, arranging a successful marketing campaign and developing a company cannot exist without one another. It is not reasonable for the company’s business name, domain name, product/service title and protected trademark and user names in social networks to differ from each other.

The purpose of the search is to analyse the novelty, usability and protectability of the new name/logo for the company in the regions of interest from the point of view of its areas of activity.

The search can be used both for developing new names or analysing the position of the existing trademark. When developing a new name/trademark in cooperation with designers and marketing experts we recommend providing 2-3 versions from which to choose.

We perform a thorough search concerning given versions or the existing trademark in trademark databases of specific regions and check whether domain names are vacant. A very large part of company’s publicity and advertising has moved to the internet and various social networks, therefore, in addition to the traditional trademark and domain name searches we also perform the search in social networks – finding out whether the name versions requested by the company are available as user names.

Similar work concerning the existing trademark gives an overview of the visibility of given trademark and its owner in the internet. In addition to investigating the visibility of one’s own company, one can perform an identical survey on a competitor.

The brand search observes not only one-to-one identical trademarks, domain names, usernames, but checks also the titles and logos with similar sound or spelling, which can mislead the consumer.

The search consists of four parts: trademark search; domain name search; search of social network usernames and search of other sources. Other sources include a few dozens of various patent information, scientific and technological and other databases and internet search engines to determine if, in which context and by whom given trademark/product name/business name is used.


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